ANIUS is one of the leading experts in the ground, passenger, cargo and executive handling.

Get a comprehensive aircraft handling, cargo handling and executive handling at our locations at Piestany/LZPP and Zilina/LZZI and cargo handling at Bratislava/LZIB.

Your passengers and cargo will experience maximum hight quality services at make arrivals, technical stop or departure.


Anius  PLC  was  estabilished  in  2009  in  Bratislava  as  ground  handling company  for  cargo.   Later  we  added  passenger  service.  Since  2013  we started  to  serve  also  Piestany  Airport  and  since  2018  Zilina  Airport.

From 2018 our company provide full service for executive jets at Piestany and Zilina airports.

Our company employs highly qualified staff and provide complex ground handling services for aircraft and passengers.

We are member of


Passenger services

  • Reservations and ticketing
  • Check-In services
  • Arrival and Departure services
  • Boarding assistance
  • Special assistance for passengers with reduced mobility and for unaccompanied minors
  • Baggage services and lost and found baggage services

Ramp services

  • Aircraft loading and unloading
  • Pushback and towing
  • Headset
  • Marshalling
  • Toilet and water services
  • Ground power
  • Cabin cleaning
  • De-icing
  • Crew transport
  • Freight and baggage transfer
  • Loading of catering
  • Crew briefing
  • Load plan and load sheet
  • Flight supervision.

Cargo Services

  • Cargo terminal operations
  • Warehousing
  • Cargo security
  • ULD build-up and breakdown
  • Dangerous goods and live animal handling
  • Documentation for import and export
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo transport to/from aircraft,
  • Airfreight trucking services

Executive Services

  • Crew and passengers ground transportation
  • Assistance in boarding of passengers
  • Loading/unloading of luggage and other materials
  • Parking and take-off formalities
  • Assistance in coordination of refuelling
  • Ground Power Unit (GPU)
  • De-icing
  • Internal cleaning service
  • Catering and newspapers delivering
  • Hotel reservations



Airport Piestany

  • PZY / LZPP
  • Runway 01-19, 2000m x 30m
  • executive / ground / passenger / cargo services


Airport Zilina

  • Runway 06-24, 1150m x 30m 
  • executive / ground / passenger / cargo services


Airport Bratislava

  • Runway 04-22, 2900m x 60m and 13-31, 3190m x 45m
  • cargo services



ANIUS a.s.
Žilinská cesta 597/81
921 01 Piešťany
Tel 00421 33 7429143


Stations with ground, cargo and executive services

Piešťany station                                                             Žilina station

ANIUS a.s                                                                           ANIUS a.s.
Žilinská cesta 597/81                                                  Letisko
921 01 Piešťany                                                              013 41 Dolný Hričov
Tel 00421 915 109888                                              Tel 00421 905 648682
Email                                       Email


Station with cargo service

Bratislava station
Airport M.R.Štefanika, hospodárska čast, GATE 10
821 01 Bratislava
Tel 00421 908 778800