Žilina (ILZ/LZZI)

Airport Žilina is a public international airport. It serves the region of northwest Slovakia with approximately 1,2 mil. inhabitants. Žilina region is the third largest region in Slovakia and is home to a number of international companies. The region is mountainous and houses great appeal to tourism including the Orava castle, Slovak Betlehem, Museum of Orava Village among others.

The airport is used for the air transport of Slovak and foreign companies, flights of private aeroplanes, flight training and sport flying, air ambulance flights, special flight works and activity of the Slovak Air Force. The airport is home also to the University of Žilina Department of Air Transport Flight Training as well as a local aeroclub.

Category Public / Domestic / International
RWY 06/24, 1150×30 m
Traffic types VFR, NVFR, IFR
Fire category 3 up to 4 per request
Border control per request
Customs control per request
Opening time Mo-Fr / 0800-1600 LT outside of opening hours after prior consultation
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Passenger services
Ground services
Cargo services
ANIUS contact tel +421 915 109 888
email handling@anius.aero